The Fleischer Brothers Response Paper.

The Fleischer Brothers had a short series involving a character called Koko the Clown. He was several shorts such as  “The Clowns Little Brother”, “False Alarm”, “Ouija Board”, “ Koko the Clown – A Trip to Mars”,   “Koko the Clown and the Cures”. They also had a longer short, more like an episode called “ Swing you Sinners” .

In “Swing you Sinners”, the character is killing hens and is having essentially a bad acid trip as he goes through this graveyard. Now while he is in the graveyard everything starts to come to life and give him a lesson on not killing things in a particularly disturbing fashion.

To give the characters a shock, a single swing was animated to move by itself out of a set. Smooth motion was not achieved in this area it was all choppy and did not go together. (Frames 1-12, 25-37.)  there could have been  smoother spots by adding more slight motion frames in between the other frames. The only spot where the animation had smooth motion was during frames 20 – 25. The only reason smooth motion was achieved was because there was the correct amount of motion cards in between the beginning and final motion. All of the character designs were difficult there were too many components to animate. They never came out the same, they were always off and it became a very bad animation over time. The characters would have been easier to animate if there had been only one character not two and a much simpler shocking event that is happening. Motions that were unclear were in the beginning where they were talking and it was just jumping back and forth there was no clear animation motion. There should have been at least 2 or 3 frames in between the conversation flips. The look of shock that  they have are eyeballs popping out of the head and them turning and running in panic.  The eyeballs could have been more exaggerated when they pop out. Nothing about the first animation went particularly well.  Only 30 slides got done because that animation was going downhill very fast. There was more bad animation then good animation.

The entire animation was  changed that was how the bad animation problem was solved. The characters were made easier to animate by becoming more basic shapes and having less detail to them. There is still a particular bit of choppiness to the animation but less then there is in the first one. The transition between 23-25 is too abrupt, there needs to be at least 3 or 4 more slides in between them. There could also be a blackout to make a cut scene but there needs to have been a better transition. There was particularly good animation near the end at frames frames 48-63. Changing the whole animation and giving it a different and more simplified version is what makes it a better animation. There should also have been a few more slides after where the animation ends to show a follow through progression.

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