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Origami Marionette Critique

  1. How are structure and flow related in your marionette?
    1. the structure in my marionette is very basic i feel and the flow is stiff in parts and loose in others.
  2. Fantasy is a dominant characteristic of creative flow because it generates more than one idea. List the ideas your marionette generates.
    1. the smoke snake
    2. a world where everything is a geometric shape and this happens to be a geometric snake.
  3. Design has a basic structural vocabulary – size shape and linear sequencing are enhanced with color and technique to compose an illusion of form. Did you make any of these decisions?
    1. i chose a larger size character because it would be easer to sew together and it would be easier for me to see what the character was doing exactly.
    2. linear sequence was used on the tail where i carefully marked off were to place those pivot points on the tail which still ended up being very stiff.
  4. Flow can be the pleasure of the creative process, balance, awareness, appreciation and understanding. How do you describe your creative process?
    1. my creative process is that of sitting there and daydreaming in a sense, while I’m daydreaming i sit there and doodle and wait to see what comes of it. or i use what i see in my dreams to create characters they may not have a backstory in my dream so i give them one
  5. Relationships are more about compliments between differences. What are the differences of your marionette?
    1. i dont understand the question. umm the differences are that the joint connecting the tail to the body is messed up and there is a disconnect because there is currently no face.
  6. Elements – visual adjectives – line, shape, color, size, texture, values, emptiness (white space), form.  Write an objective description of your marionette.
    1. the line that goes down the tail has good shape to it, the tail doesn’t conform the correct way towards the end it looks like the zig zags got flipped.
    2. the shapes that came of it are quite interesting there are squares,zigzags and spheres that give it all a nice silloette.
    3. the white space can between the elements within the tale where not every spot is filled with a box or shape.
  7. It is important that the various elements of your design have relationships, or ways in which they correspond, expand or simply support each other. Explore the possible patterns and shapes you have used with origami.  Which have the most potential and why?  Is one pattern clearly standing out, or are there others that might work?
    1. none of the patterns that where in that box were useful or nice about anything i wish i had just cut up a bung of white printer paper and used that.
  8. How has the modular design strengthened your marionette?
    1. it kinda showed me where exactly things go and the best way to use the shapes and stuff like that.
  9. Principles are the general underlying truths that are relevant in any culture and in any time.  These are the fundamental laws, rules, or basic ethics that support change and growth in the natural world.  In design, principles support the flow of elements and include balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, unity, and order.  Add the principles to your design’s description.
    1. harmony
    2. rhythm
    3. order
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