project 3: Business Project


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my work hasn’t been has good has i would have wanted it to be. i feel like i don’t have the same motivation that I’ve had in the past about other things i have created.  the last 3D work i created was last year and that work made me happy. i think it was the topic of things and the genre of things that i was doing.

i have defiantly  improved on my rigging from my previous rigging animation. i think it defiantly shows with my goat animation even though it only just runs it is far better then my robot animation which only has the arms move slightly. and that could have been done manually moving the the faces in groups into the positions.

i also got pretty decent with doing motion paths. which is something i find rather fun to do, especially when mounting a camera to the motion path to follow something around in the scene.

i need to improve on the physical modeling i am not very good at it. it takes me along time to get the spot that could have been done in a much shorted time span.

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Project 3: business website (exciting children clothes)- Edited

i changed the layout of the mobile site. thought about changing my logo, then decided that it works well i feel.

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Project 3: business website (exciting children clothes)


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Project 1: marionette

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Project 1: origami marionette

my project was an origami marionette, i didn’t name it because i didn’t think the character needed one. Giving something a name means giving it a label then people can make an inference on what it could be. The marionette had to have mobility, structure and form. The marionette had a lower body movement, which was predominately all the movement. The squares that i made inside the zigzag of multi-colored papers give it the dimension that it needed. The added dimension made it seem a little more abstract. The feelings people could get from this are all their own. I personally don’t feel anything for my piece, also personally i didn’t enjoy making this. The linear sequence moves from the multi-colored tail to the singular colored upper section. The tight disconnection between the squares from each other created a very evenly gapped out square to square ratio giving it more unity. The color harmony that i used was to try and keep continuity between the sides. Like all the sides and segments are the same pattern or color to goes with that pattern in the segment. The negative space into between the segments gives a flow to the piece and the negative space gives it shapes without their being actual shapes there.


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Project 2: an Artists Ally

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